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In this article we will talk about Cosmos. Attention: Cosmos technology differs significantly from Polkadot, so they cannot be more
One of the key distinguishing features of Web 3.0 is the widespread use of blockchain technologies. Therefore, now developers are trying and creating new blockchain projects. In this article , we would like to focus your attentionread more
Therefore, now developers are trying and creating new blockchain projects. In this article, we would like to focus your attention on such a project as more
In the article, we will tell you what this blockchain is, as well as analyze its AVAX coin in more detail and highlight the prospects for the development of the more
The subject of this review stands out from the total mass of blockchains precisely for its goals. Today we will figure out what is so unique about Audius and what kind of platform it is in more
Surely you have already heard about NFT boxes, everyone loves surprises, and through them you can try your luck. Mysterious boxes are being added to the most popular platforms, they have interested a wide audience, so we decided toread more
Developers of NFT games use blockchain technology to create a whole world or make certain items unique, which distinguishes such projects from the usual more
Blockchain technology is set to become one of the biggest innovations of the 21st century, given its ripple effect on sectors ranging from finance and manufacturing to education. The history of blockchain begins 30 years ago, in theread more
We found out that this technology is already used in finance, charity, healthcare, voting, gaming and identification, as well as in the supply chain and money transfer. But now we would like to discuss the topic of the Internet of Things and more
In particular, one of the areas of blockchain use is undoubtedly supply and logistics, as well as tracking this process. New technologies offer promising opportunities for integrated supply chain more
Remittance, in fact, is a money transfer from one country to another, most often by individuals. The most common example is an immigrant sending money to his native more
The prediction market, or information market, is a kind of speculation on a variety of forecasts. Here, the value of the asset depends on the bet on the outcome of various more
The use of blockchain technology in healthcare can improve work with electronic medical records, drug supplies, remote monitoring of patients, control of clinical and biomedical research, medical insurance, as well as analysis of medical more
The progress of the blockchain has also interested other areas of activity, so it is used in the banking industry, in the field of charity, identity cards, gaming and so on. About other variants of usage can be read in our previousread more
Blockchain technology can create an innovative and transparent business so the manufacturer meets the needs of a modern, knowledgeable and demanding more
Blockchain technology is distinguished by its adaptability. It can be adjusted and implemented in socially significant areas (as in our case - charity, philanthropy).read more
The blockchain technology itself is a database that works in a decentralized manner and stores block chains with information about users and transactions. The blocks are interconnected and stored on the devices of each member of theread more
A few years ago, cryptocurrency had a lot of risky enthusiasts. Today, experts invest money in projects, in modern UX, and their audience's education so that everyone can deal with digital currency in the shortest possible time andread more
Meta (from Lat. - "something beyond")- this is a large-scale virtual reality, like a computer game. The setting and gameplay (If there is such a thing) is determined by the participants themselves or by the creators. Forread more
Nowadays you won’t surprise anyone by paying for purchases online through a crypto wallet. But some companies have moved forward and developed plastic cards that work with crypto wallets. Most often, developers from the crypto exchange teams resort to the development of crypto cards. As a rule, when you pay for a purchase, the system converts digital currency into fiat currency at the current exchange more
Video games exist in free and paid forms, where you make monthly payments or a subscription. And there are also games with the possibility of making a donation. Thanks to the rapid development of crypto-industry, blockchain technologiesread more
Nowadays there are a huge number of offers of various tokens of different values In the cryptocurrency world. To attract investors to the project, companies often conduct token sales. Tokensale is the initial sale of tokens at a fixedread more
Cryptocurrency is also digital money. But their storage, creation and control are usually carried out at the expense of a decentralized blockchain system. Due to the principle of operation, the system is practically not subject toread more
At the moment, there are many variations of crypto wallets on the market. There are multi and mono currency, hardware, and exchange, popular and those that have appeared on the market more
Crypto wallet is software very similar to Internet banking. It allows you to store, exchange, send and receive cryptocurrency. Without a crypto wallet, working with digital currency is impossible. Therefore, you need to choose a reliableread more
Concerning cryptocurrencies, hackers carry out attacks not only to steal assets from accounts but also to collapse the exchange rate of the crypto. Let’s look at several ways that fraudsters can use to steal your data or assetsread more
DeFi has pushed the Bitcoin idea even farther, which was innovative at the time and continues to be so now. However, it is still absurd to envisage worldwide money that a financial organization would not issue. I'm writing it myself,read more
Borrowers in decentralised finance may accomplish this without the assistance of an intermediary. They will take out loans from other users who are lenders. Lending is done on a peer-to-peer basis. Lenders and borrowers connect on a platform, sign up for a smart contract, and complete online transactions. All procedures are finished with a few mouse clicks and without an more
We live in a new and fast-changing world. The past few years have been helpful in the positive changes. That has taken place in the financial and technology sectors. In the past few months, We have witnessed a massive boom in more
You've heard about the word Metaverse regarding tech circles over the past few months. Metaverse has ended up being a little of a term. It concerns speaking about a virtual fact, the web, and the future. This brief write-up will certainlyread more
This article will find out how exciting it is to get into DeFi. And no wonder, dear readers, if many people want to be a part of the game, it is because there are coins to be earned. What we will see and understand in this second partread more
At the moment, farming is the most popular and approved method of passive income. Before farming, there was staking at the peak of popularity, and before at this place was more
In DeFi, cryptocurrency, Staking is a means to produce passive revenue. Staking may be compared to a fixed-term deposit, where you put your money aside for a certain period and earn interest as a reward. Staking may be compared toread more
With a standard network load, transactions take place in a few minutes and there are practically no queues. But with high user activity, the pools fill up and the network becomes overloaded, which leads to an increase in the cost ofread more
DeFi advocates a paradigm shift where users and the public may see and audit financial protocols, goods, and derivatives. What does this mean in practice?read more
Liquidity is the property of something to be sold on the market at a price reflecting its intrinsic value. In this case, it is taken into account all trading offers. Assets have several types of liquidity: high, low and more
DApp companies are also often more profitable because the technical risks are lower. They don't have to think about a computer program or operations management. The companies that create the apps use the protocols designed for themread more
An airdrop is a kind of marketing strategy in which a certain number of tokens are distributed free of charge to participants and investors of the project. Both long-time users and those who fulfill the conditions previously set byread more
We shall see the difference between CeFi and DeFi in this post because, although it may seem simple, and we all believe we know the difference, it turns out that it is always preferable to have a thorough grasp of what distinguishesread more
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