As one could understand, by the end of this year, people's interest in cryptocurrency not only didn’t decrease, it was rapidly gaining momentum. In this connection, the number of users, investors, and new companies increased in crypto sphere. The number of different crypto wallets has also increased. 

Crypto wallet is software very similar to Internet banking. It allows you to store, exchange, send and receive cryptocurrency. Without a crypto wallet, working with digital currency is impossible. Therefore, you need to choose a reliable and convenient wallet for comfortable and quiet work. Some of them are suitable for safe storage of funds, others solely for convenience, but not for accumulating impressive amounts.

Cryptocurrency wallets provide consumers with a digital solution for storing and managing blockchain assets and cryptocurrency safely.

Users may send, receive, and trade cryptocurrency using these wallets. While some cryptocurrency wallets support only one cryptocurrency, the others are multi-asset solutions that enable users to hold numerous cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. By demanding complex passwords and other security measures, these systems ensure that the owner of cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets is the only entity with access to the funds. Additionally, smartphones and laptops may be used to view and access bitcoin wallets.

Below we will consider several options for non-custodial and desktop crypto wallets which can be used in 2022.


Also known as BitcoinQT. It is an original open-source Bitcoin wallet that stores the blockchain's entire history on a local node. It allows you to deploy a full node on your PC to broadcast transactions in the blockchain. This wallet is secure, provides control over assets and commissions. 

Cons: mono-currency, you need some technical knowledge and high Internet speed for stable operation.


This crypto wallet supports many different cryptocurrencies. However, you can only work with Bitcoin(BTC) in the mobile application. CoinВase has a lot of licenses, which you can find on the official website. 

Cons: It doesn’t work on the territory of the CIS (You can top up your wallet, but you won’t carry out any operations). It is not possible to purchase assets directly by card—high commissions. 

  • Venera Wallet 

Multi Currency crypto wallet (100+ currencies including Bitcoin). You can purchase assets using a credit card. In addition, there is a convenient application with identification by biometric data. 

Cons: During the acquisition of assets, you will have to pass verification.


Browser-based and mobile multi currency crypto wallet. After completing the registration procedure, you can purchase currency by credit card. Twelve currencies are available for purchase, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. The commission is dynamic and depends on the network load.

Cons: Poor reputation for privacy. The company was blamed for the high vulnerability of the application, which led to the loss of $70 thousand in 2019. According to the victim, the application passed the seed phrase to Google for spell checking.

  • Ledger

A hardware crypto wallet that is supported on a computer (in the latest models on a smartphone, too). It is very reliable and mobile. User-friendly graphic design on a PC and a minimalistic look of the device itself.

Cons: Due to the limited memory of the device, only a couple of wallets can be downloaded. If you need more, you will need to delete the old ones and register new wallets.

  • Crypto wallet integrated with Robinhood

The crypto wallet is being developed by the creators of Robinhood and a beta version has already been launched. The announcement of the wallet will take place in 2022. According to the creators, users will only be charged transaction fees. Not only users will have access to wallets, but also Robinhood. As it was said by the developers, this is done to prevent fraud. The company states that it will be responsible for the assets of users and solutions from "cold" and "hot" storage methods have been created to ensure maximum protection.

We looked at hundreds of crypto wallets worldwide, and selected the best hot and cold wallets based on security, prices, and user feedback. Because security is a major concern, it's critical to select a well-known wallet and have several security mechanisms in place. It's also crucial to pick a wallet that integrates effectively with some of the biggest exchanges so you can conduct transactions swiftly on the open market.

 Venera Wallet gives you access to multiple multi-currency wallets, which in turn allow you to make atomic swaps of funds via the exchange feature.

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What are the disadvantages of Venera Wallet?
Does not work in the CIS
Because of the device's limited memory, you can only download a couple of wallets
A bad reputation for privacy
You'll have to be verified when purchasing assets
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